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Free Starter Pack

With new sign-ups receive one of the following: Tennis Racquet, Tennis Backpack, Tennis Cap + Tennis Balls

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Total Fitness

No more excuses, start getting fit today!

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One on One

Private coaching for serious players

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Accepting LATE Term 1 Signups!

We are still accepting LATE sign-ups for this Term 1!!

Enrol online and pay ONLY for the total amount of weeks you start till the end of term. (select only direct deposit on payment method)

NOTE: You will not recevie free starter pack but we can offer a special cost for new racquet ONLY $20!

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Program Start Dates

All Lessons - From Monday 2nd February

Squad Programs - Monday 16th February

Cardio Tennis - TBC

Adult Groups - From Monday 2nd February



Nothing to show at the moment. But check back soon for the latest events.

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